Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Week of February 9-February 15

Every week we will be posting the previous week's activities. Please tune in to see all that is going on in the "Let Us Walk Together!" Project.

Below are some of the things that happened two weeks ago.

Shinchi Base

This past week Shinchi base had its monthly pilgrimage to remember the Great Eastern Earthquake and tsunami. Every month on the eleventh day they walk from the base to Juhama, Rachihama and the Isoyama's St. Johns Church. They end the pilgrimage with a prayer service in Fuji's kindergarten.

Koriyama's St. Paul Church's Kindergarten

Everyday the teachers of St. Paul's Kindergarten scrub the building to lower the radiation contamination. Hisao Yamamoto, one of the staffers, often helps out with the cleaning. This gives the teachers more time in the morning to prepare for the day's work. This past week he helped lighten the load again.

Hotto (Relief) Corner

Mama Kazu, Mama Tomoko, and Mama Ki helped out at Shinchi Base's Hotto corner on Wednesday. We are always thankful to see their faces!
Next week we are excited to welcome volunteers from the Sendai Christ Church.

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