Thursday, March 14, 2013

Activities from February 23 to March 8

Here are some of the things that happened within the Project during February 23 to March 8.

 “Nattori Shopping Bus Tour”
Every Thursday one of our staff members and a couple volunteers, take some of the residents of the Nattori’s temporary housing grocery shopping. This past week there was a television crew at the shopping center. They interviewed us about the Nattori Bus Tour and the Let Us Walk Together Project.We were very excited to share the work of the project with all of Japan.

Online Session
The Let Us Walk Together Project has trained many foreigners to be English teachers. But most of these women do not have an opportunity outside of classes to practice their English. Therefore one of the staffers helps these teachers with their English while using Skype. They have one on one sessions, once every two weeks. Since it is online we are able to do the English lessons anywhere! Technology is quite a wonderful thing.

Understanding Papers
Written Japanese is very difficult to learn and takes a lot of time. Therefore many foreigners living in Japan have a hard time reading it. This becomes a problem especially when you have to fill out legal paperwork or when you are given important papers from your child’s school. Frequently one of our staffers visits those foreigners that don't understand documents or has even gone with them to City Hall to receive further clarification. This week we visited someone who needed an explanation on her taxes.

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