Thursday, May 2, 2013

Events throughout April

Kyushu Church Members visit

Three parishioners from Kyushu diocese came to visit the Tohoku region for the third time. They stayed for 5 days. During their visit they went to Shinchi base to listen to hear beautiful voices sing children's songs. They also helped with the daily cleaning of radiation at St. Paul's Kindergarten.

Shinchi monthly Pilgrimage
On the 11th of every month the Shinchi base puts on a pilgrimage to various devastated sites in the area. At each site they have a small prayer service. This past month we had a first time participant. It was nice to have new faces joining in on the pilgrimage. 

Home Care Giver Training
This past month we started another training home helpers course for foreigners living in Kesenuma and Ishinomiyaki. Among the students there are Filipinos, Chinese and Indonesians. They twice a week to study the technical medical Japanese terms and learning how to take care of elderly or those who are bedridden.  Right now the classes are taking place in hospitals or nursing homes, where they are able to practice a little of what they have learned. Soon they will be receiving their certificates.

Haircut Service

Ms. Kawai from Nagoya came to the Hirohata temporary housing to give some of the residence haircuts. We are so thankful for her work. 

St. Paul's Kindergarten Birthday Service
At St. Paul’s kindergarten there was a first of the year Birthday prayer service. In the picture below, the kids were getting ready to pray for God's blessing for their next year of life.

Hirohata Tea Time
The women’s club of Sendai Christ Church had a tea party with the residents of Hirohata temporary housing. Despite the strange weather, everyone was able to enjoy the cakes and songs that were sung. 

Deacon Ordination Ceremony
It has been 13 years since the last ordination of a deacon in Tohoku Diocese. Many of the staffer members went to the ceremony to support Mr. Koichiro Sasaki’s ordination to the diaconate. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate this together.

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