Monday, May 27, 2013

Tea Time in Shinchi

Last Thursday, the Women’s Club of Sendai Christ Church had its monthly visit to Shinchi’s temporary housing complex, Hirotta. Every month, as we have mentioned before, they gather for “hotto corner” or tea time in English. They take delicious cakes, tea, and coffee. This time they also took many donated items for a mini-bazaar. 

After enjoying one another’s company over some tea and cakes, we sang some songs. They were fun well known Japanese songs. We enjoyed them so much that encore was requested. Then everyone was invited into the lovely weather outside to partake of the mini-bazaar. Sadly the majority of the clothes were way too small for the residents. We promised them that we would bring bigger sizes next month. One of the women living in this complex said that having these gatherings made living in these tiny units bearable. Thank you to everyone that makes these events possible.  


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