Monday, May 27, 2013

Graduation and Speech Competition

On May 18th we held a Graduation Ceremony and Speech Competition for the Japanese class for the foreign women of Sendai. The event was started with a short prayer service led by Fr. Saito. Then we began the speech competition. Over the past few months we have been preparing for this day. Everyone in the class wrote a speech and then there was a semi-tournament to decide who would take part in the competition on Graduation day. The final four participants did a great job. There was not a dry eye in the house by the time they ended.

Majority of the students were from the Philippines so in between each speech there were a cultural presentations. There were traditional dances, Filipino songs, and a presentation of traditional clothes. After the trophies were handed out to the speech winners, the certificates were given to all the graduates by Bishop Kato and Kei Ikezumi. We then finished the ceremony with a song about the hope for the future. The entire event was a wonderful. Thank you to everyone who supported the project and made this day possible.

Jenniza Watanabe giving her speech

The speech contestants winning their trophies

Catherine Santos receiving her
Graduation Certificate

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