Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Murone Land

Murone Land is this magic place right outside of Murone city. There, there is a very small church that could possibly hold 20 people for a church service. But during Golden week this tiny church in the country turned into a camp for children who has a foreign parent. Using 4 cars we took 22 kids and 8 adults out there last Friday.

Once everyone arrived we had a prayer service and then headed to an onsen. After the onsen we had prepared barbecue for dinner.  These kids can eat! We nearly didn’t have enough. It was very cold out there so we had the kids warm up in the church before we set off fireworks. It is truly amazing how entertaining fireworks are. After warming up again we went for a night walk and star gazing. Two of the staff members had decorated one of the cars with lights. They also had put on somewhat scary masks. The older kids thought it was cool while the younger ones were pretty scared. 

The next morning we had a morning prayer service and then breakfast. Then the kids made fruit
jello to take home to their parents. Everyone was assigned a job such as cutting the fruit, making shiratama (sweet rice flour dumplings) and preparing the jello. While the kids were making jello the male staff members prepared the grill to make yakisoba and BBQ the rest of the leftover meat from dinner. During lunch, again we shown how much the kids could eat. It was entertaining to see.

We then had one last prayer service. One of the staff members was a priest, Fr. Lee. As I mentioned before all of the kids at this camp were half Japanese which can be difficult sometimes. During the last prayer service Fr. Lee gave a talk about how none of us are alone. Though we might only be one person and we think that there are problems that no one else understands, that is not the case. We have each other. We have God. We can and should navigate this life together. We should walk together through this life, supporting one another. 

Once we cleaned up the church, and packed all of our belongings we headed back to Sendai. The two-day camp in Murone Land was a success.
The night parade


Making shiratama

playing soccer in the country

Waiting for the food to be cooked

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